5 Important Facts about Bed Bugs Everyone Should Know

Do you have bed bug infestation in your home? These pests are one of the most unwanted guests in a home. There are many pest removal products available to get rid of them. When you notice the first telltales of the infestation, you call the experts to deal with the issue. But these bugs are so adamant and tough to eliminate with the home remedies. And before you do that, you need to get acquainted about them with these facts:

  1. You can actually smell them

When your bed is clean, it smells as fresh as laundry, but if there are other kind of smells, then investigate the room. If your bed is infested, it smells like coriander when the bugs are nearby.

  1. You may not feel the bite until later.

If the bed bugs ever bit you, you may wonder that you didn’t feel the pain. But you feel it after you find it. It may become itchy with time. Bed bugs are pros at biting without causing pain while they are feeding on you. Their saliva consists of an anesthetic. When they bite you, they leave the anesthesia on your bite and you feel nothing. When the effect wears off, you may begin to feel the pain and it becomes itchy. Don’t scratch the bite or else it will make things worse.

  1. You may find them in clean places

Bed bugs, very much like humans, prefer to live in clean places. Every furniture piece is a perfect place for these pests to thrive.

  1. You cannot kill them all

Why bed bugs are hard to kill? Bed bugs are stubborn pests. They can live in harsh conditions. They can also adapt to pesticides over time. They can also live without food for months. So if there is no human nearby, they wait for another to come by to feed on them. They can also survive in extreme temperatures. You can freeze them out, you cannot sweat them out either. They are the smartest of bugs. They are pro at hiding and you cannot see them in the daytime in your box springs, electrical outlets, mattress crevices, picture frames etc. They can wait to protect themselves at night to come out for dinner.

  1. They don’t infect you with any diseases

Until and unless you are allergic to bed bugs, they don’t pose any major health risk if you have bed bug infestation. They don’t carry diseases like other household pests. But, the bites can be painful and itchy and for the allergic people it can be an absolute nightmare.

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