5 Tips to Follow to Protect Your Home from Pests

Have the pests created a home in your own home? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. A study claims that a single cockroach in your home can render you to pull out a bug spray or call a pest control in Tacoma WA. So, before you do the latter, we have listed some tips on looking after your home from the interior and the exterior to keep the pests away.

  1. Plants

You need to trim back any tree branches or shrubs that are in touch with your home to get rid of the pest bridges to your abode. Mulch like wood chips and pine straw offer perfect home for pests. Rather than using these in the areas that are in contact with your foundation, put more rock and stone as ground cover to attract less pests.

  1. Doors and windows

As pests can easily wiggle via tiny cracks and gaps, check and fix any warped or broken doors and windows. You must also look out for the rips and tears in screen and get them fixed as well. Always use screen meshes sizing of at least 200 holes per sq. inch. They are easily available at home stores.

  1. Gaps and cracks

Check the exterior of your house for the cracks, crevices and gaps via where the pests could easily enter your home. Inspect the foundation cracks, missing roof shingles, loose siding, and gaps surrounding the incoming utility lines like pipes, electric and cable wiring. Seal shut any kind of opening with copper mesh, sheet metal or mortar and coarse steel wool. It is not a good idea to expand the caulk as many pests can chew through it.

  1. Litter and trash

Try your very best to keep your yards, garages, decks, and patios free from litter, weeds, and still water. Make sure that the trash cans come along with tightly fitting lids and clean the cans and areas on the regular basis to get rid of debris on which the pests tend to feed and survive on.

  1. Lights

To get rid of flying insects around the doors and windows, you need to replace the typical mercury vapor lights with high pressure sodium vapor or halogen lights. These bulbs have pink, yellow or orange tints that do not lure the flying insects in. Albeit, it is quite common to place lights on the exterior walls near doors, it is the best idea to place the lights far away and always use pole lights by any means with the light shining toward the door for safety purposes.

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