A Comprehensive Guide to Using ModWood Decking

With constant climate change alerts, making sustainable and environment-friendly choices has become essential. For instance, households are trying to instil recycled products in their daily use while businesses are trying to turn their waste material into something productive and usable.

For the same reason, ModWood decking has become a reliable choice for its aesthetics, sustainability, and durability. However, it is vital to consider some factors before you go ahead with it.

Choosing Between Composite and Timber Decking

Composite decking is one of the most popular options in home design. In addition, ModWood was the first brand to create decking with composite materials, which is easier to install and maintain. Choosing between the composite and timber ModWood in Brisbane comes down to the personal preferences and maintenance required to retain the aesthetics.

This is because the regular polish coatings can help achieve the aesthetic appearance of your timber decking, but if you want a low-maintenance option, stick to composite decking!

Maintenance and Cleaning

The composite ModWood decking demands less maintenance as compared to timber decking. This is because it has a higher resistance to scratching, moulding, staining, and fading. With a composite deck, regular sweeping is all you need for regular dust. However, taking care of timber ModWood isn’t challenging either because it can be polished annually to retain its appearance.


The ModWood boards are designed in uniform length, which eases decking installation. This means that installation will be quick and convenient as there are no knots and warping to cut out. Moreover, you don’t need to paint or stain anything before or after the deck installation. Also, the timber ModWood is designed according to Australian weather conditions.

Benefits of Using Timber ModWood

ModWood is a reliable choice for people who are renovating their patio, but timber ModWood is even better with the following benefits:

  • The appearance and aesthetics can be maintained with regular polishing
  • It has higher slip resistance, making it suitable to use around the pool. In addition, it comes with a reversible design, so you can have textured as well as smooth sides for enhanced resistance.
  • Timber is nontoxic, and no harmful chemicals are used during its manufacturing, which makes it a safer choice for your home and family.
  • It is often treated with chemicals, making it resistant to decaying, mildew, and termites. Moreover, it can withstand the hot Australian climate without wilting.

To summarise, timber ModWood is a reliable choice for homes that need patio renovation without extensive maintenance. Remember, it is a durable choice.

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