Architectural Features That Pose Problems and the way to Solve Them

Does your house have architectural features within the interior that pose problems?

For instance, the ceilings are extremely high it just does not feel at ease when entering or just being for the reason that room? Or perhaps a room is really narrow, it feels claustrophobic?

See below for many common problems and the way to “fool the attention” to ensure they are just disappear:

Lengthy Rooms – you are able to divide the area into 2 or 3 separate areas (e.g., inside a family room, have a lot of seating areas) and anchor each with a hair piece. You may also use dark colors around the finish walls to visually advance the wall in your direction.

Narrow Spaces – try putting your bed inside a bed room or perhaps a couch inside a family room around the diagonal. Also, use square rugs to visually widen the area. Make use of a dramatic color around the short wall to succeed the wall in your direction. Lastly, keep lengthy walls free of wall hangings to reduce advancement.

Narrow Home windows – should you hang your window treatments past the sides from the home windows it seems there’s more window underneath the drapes but actually it is simply the wall

Low Ceilings – paint the ceilings white-colored, hang draperies up to possible, use tall pieces or art to produce a feeling of height, and lighten upward using can lights or torchiere floor lights.

High Ceilings – paint the ceilings a hot, deep and wealthy color to visually bring the ceiling lower, hang draperies greater compared to home windows, hang artwork at eye level, choose furnishings and lighting carefully so that they don’t appear dwarfed through the space, and warm-up the area with rugs.

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