Best Fences For Texas Weather

Texas has several regions such as Piney Woods, South Texas, Texas Hill Country, Northern Plains, and Pecos Region. These regions have different types of climates like the east is usually humid while the western part of Texas is described as arid. For a person to choose any type of fence, they need to look at different characteristics of fences commonly available.

There are different reasons for choosing a fence such as its durability, cost, availability, appeal, and ability to survive harsh weather conditions. Some woods maintain their natural color even after a long time such as Redwood. Others fade over time, for example, cypress but it does well when painted. Various types of fungi and bugs also attack some types of woods but this can be avoided by chemical treatment.

People living in Texas because of its cheap price prefer southern Yellow Pine and it is easy to find. This wood is a good choice in Texas, especially the parts that are humid because it does well in humid and damp conditions. Treating this type of pine with chemicals is always advisable because it keeps off fungi and bugs. This type of fencing is found in the southern and eastern parts of Texas. The process of treating the southern yellow pine with chemicals also strengthens it preventing it from rotting easily.

People living in Texas because of its ability to withstand harsh climatic changes prefer the Western Red Cider. It is common for other types of wood to be affected when the weather changes from hot to cold but this does not affect the Western Red Cider. Most of the woods have thermal expansion in the wood fibers that cause a lot of strain.

Western Red Cider is also resistant to changes that occur when the wood is dried after being exposed to moisture, causing the weakening of the wood. This type of wood is also preferred due to its durability and beauty characters that cover-up for its expensive cost.

Spruce is preferred due to its affordability as an aesthetic value. It makes beautiful fences that are appealing to the eye. This type of wood, however, needs a lot of maintenance as its ages over time. People who prefer an appeal to durability opt to have this type of wood as their fencing material. Cypress is also used for fencing in Texas commonly because it is easily painted. This type of wood is also durable compared to Spruce. Cypress fades away over time to a natural grey due to one of the clear signs that it is vulnerable to Texas weather.

It is also cheap in terms of cost compared to Red Cedar and Yellow Pine. Redwood is a bit expensive compared to Yellow Pine but comes with its own perks, such as being more appealing and strong. A tough wood such as Redwood is resistant to rotting making it more preferable compared to other types of wood. It does well in a humid climate and also maintains its natural color even after a long time.

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