Composite Doors: Benefits, Construction, and Composition

These days, homeowners can choose from a variety of options for external doors they can install in their homes. But, not all of these doors are made to the same standards of quality and security as composite doors. The quality of doors differs because of many factors such as overall design, strength, and materials. This guide will walk you through the composition, construction, and benefits of a composite door:

What a Composite Door is Made Of

A composite door is made from different materials chosen for their unique properties. This kind of door is built while keeping in mind the common flaws in doors made of singular materials. This guarantees the final product with superior strength, excellent thermal efficiency, and high security. Also, a composite door has high resistance to abrasion and weathering and can withstand seasonal changes. Its quality build ensures it does not discolour or fade. Moreover, this door is expected to last more than three decades without requiring extensive maintenance other than occasional wipe-clean using a damp cloth. In fact, it does not have to be repainted. Aside from a composite door, wooden and UPVC Doors are also available for UK homes. But, many homeowners prefer to install a composite door for its amazing benefits.

How a Composite Door is Built

Making a composite door involves the use of a 70mm PVCu outer frame, hardwood inner frame, and composite PVC sub-frame. Each of these materials contributes to the dependability and durability of the final product. Galvanised steel is used for reinforcing the outer frame. The inner frame is designed to ensure torsional rigidity while the PVC sub-frame guarantees stability.

Moreover, this type of door also has CFC-free insulating polyurethane foam core and 2mm PVC banding at the edges. The ash-grain effect of the banding matches the hinge and lock faceplate. The 2mm GRP grained surface of the door makes it resistant to warping, twisting, and cracking. Also, it makes repainting unnecessary.

Reasons Homeowners Choose to Install a Composite Door

Making a composite door involves blending materials which guarantee excellent strength, high-security level, attractive design, and durability. Below are the reasons a composite door is usually a winner in the doors market:

  • It is durable and sturdy. Typically, the door’s core has wood, environment-friendly insulating materials, and extra layers. A weather-resistant outer skin protects these components. Despite the fact that prices of this kind of door can be higher than others, homeowners think that the extra cost is outweighed by the number of years it can serve a home.

  • It offers extra security to homes. Another reason a composite door is a preferred type of door is its ability to make homes more secure. This door lets buyers choose from the best back and front door locks available. Typically, this door is available with a multi-point locking system.
  • It has different finishes and styles. The broad of variety of styles and finishes available for a composite door ensures that there is a suitable choice for any home. Those who prefer a classic door look can choose a muted woodgrain. The natural-looking and beautiful finish of this door is due to the glass reinforced plastic it is finished with.

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