Different Ways You Can Lower Heating Bill During This Winter

If you are living in a country where temperature during winter goes to freezing point and below, then it will be necessary to have proper heating system for your home.

How to lower your heating bill and avoid unnecessary expenses during every winter? Following are few helpful tips that can help in lowering in your energy bill during the winter.

  • Fill those gaps

Since you have spent lots of money in installing your expensive heating system and hence make all possible efforts to ensure that every gap in the house are filled through which your hot air may not get leaked.

  • Insulate as much possible

Though your house may be already insulated but is that good enough? If not then don’t hesitate to spend some money to increase the insulation, as low insulation is going to create hole in your pocket.

  • Forget your thermostat setting after it is done

Usually, the thermostat is meant for setting the temperature of the room. This must be set once and don’t try to disturb the setting too often. Too much fiddling will put pressure on the control circuits and also life of thermostat will reduce.

  • Turn down the water heater

You need lots of energy to maintain the temperature of water at the same time it also takes pretty long time to cool down. Therefore, you can turn off your water heater instead of keeping it on throughout the day.

  • Catch sun before it sets down

Try to keep the curtain of the south direction open so that maximum amount of sunlight comes inside the room. If your home has concrete or stone flower then this will work very well.

However, try to shut down the curtain as soon as sun sets.

  • Force all warm air downwards

Usually, the cooler air is dense and hence it will go down while warm air will tend to go up on the ceiling. So, you can use any low power fan so that the warm air may be pushed down to maintain warm temperature.

  • Use waste heat

There are plenty of equipment at your home like desk computer, TV etc. can dissipate certain amount of heat. Therefore, position all these appliances so that it can help in keeping the room warm.

  • Work your body

Even by doing work out, you can raise your body temperature and this will also help you to maintain good balance of temperature.

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