Home Improvement Blog Design: Don’t Miss These Trends!

If you have decided to start an interior décor or home improvement blog, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, you must find a domain that defines your blog’s purpose and is true to the niche at the same time. Next, the Content Management System must be selected. CMS is the platform where you will make all the necessary changes, updates and modifications to the website, and it is best to select one that simplifies website management. For home décor sites, WordPress remains the most viable and used CMS today.

More on basics

One of the aspects of how to make a web page is about choosing a hosting plan. You need a hosting provider that can be relied on. Bluehost and HostGator are known options, and they have affordable packages for both dedicated and shared hosting needs. Now that we are sorted to the basics, let’s consider the most critical aspect – design. Home improvement and interior design related websites need to have impeccable visual appeal. Here are some quick tips worth knowing.

Selecting a design template

If you are using WordPress, you already have ready templates that can be considered. With website builders like Wix and Weebly, you can actually design templates and themes from scratch. Ready templates are often free, and even the paid ones are worth considering, especially if you compare the costs with hiring a designer. Design for home improvement websites needs to be minimal and basic. You can compare this niche with fashion, where the focus is more on visual content like photos and videos, and therefore, the background and overall theme needs to be effective but not contrasting.

Other things to know

Color scheme for home improvement blogs and décor websites can vary, but use of green, grey, yellow and pastel shades are quite common. Keep in mind that the branding details and further marketing of the website largely depend on the color scheme, and therefore, the choice has to be consistent. Also, ensure that the font of the website complements the color scheme. Go for a more creative font if required, but ensure that its readable and easy on the eyes.

Final word

Do not forget to check a few known blogs and websites related to DIY, décor, and home improvement for ideas. Ensure that your website is always updated and ready for social media sharing. Also, check optimize every page for SEO.

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