How To Transform Your Backyard Into a Tropical Oasis

Are you dreaming of a beach vacation full of sun, sand and swimming? Maybe you want to lie in a hammock and spend the day reading. You don’t have to have a beach house or spend a lot of money on a family trip to have a similar experience. You can enjoy these activities and more without ever leaving home by adding a few features to your existing backyard.


Step out your backdoor into paradise. Such an experience is in your reach when you add flowers and trees to create the atmosphere you want. Plant palm trees Jacksonville FL, that sway and rustle in the breeze. They can shade your seating area or, once they grow to an appropriate size, provide support for your hammock or rope swing. Choose flowers that grow easily in your zone, and you can have a beautiful garden. It may take time for your landscaping to reflect the image you want, but with a little diligence and some patience, you may be enjoying your new environment before you know it.


One of the best reprieves for a hot summer day is a cool dip in the water. When you have your own saltwater pool installed on your property, you can enjoy a relaxing swim any time you want. You no longer have to rent facilities to throw a great pool party; you can host the shindig right in your own backyard. Professional technicians can install and maintain your pool, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy it.


A great way to bring a touch of resort life to your home is to have a wet bar installed in your yard. You can opt for a small storage hut with a counter or a full-sized cabana, complete with sink, refrigerator and freezer. Chat up guests as you mix a batch of your signature margaritas to share. Wow friends with your bar tending skills when you take special requests. Having a conveniently located bar keeps the party outside so that you don’t have to keep traipsing back into the house to refresh everyone’s beverage.

Vacations are nice, but they can be expensive, and they are over before you know it. What if you could enjoy a similar experience to your favorite beach retreat every day? When you turn your backyard into a tropical oasis, you can enjoy the amenities of your favorite getaway location any time you want.

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