Ten Things to Do Before You Buy Any Newly Constructed House

Are you planning to buy a new home in Salt Lake City? You need to decide whether you will be interested to buy a condo or a newly constructed house. Make sure that the house you buy meets all the needs of your family.

Buying any new home can be little more exciting as compared to buying existing home as you can exercise your choice about kitchen cabinet or floor design etc. However, at the same time it also has a challenge to ensure that the Salt Lake City home builders that you have chosen is a reputable one.

Following are ten things that you need to do before you buy a newly constructed house.

  • Use the service of real estate agent

Real estate agents usually deal with many different housing properties and therefore they can tell you many of the insider information which can be useful to you.

  • Enquire about builder

Most of the builders become reputed due to their long association in the business or their quality, however few may not be. So, it is better to do thorough enquiry.

  • Do a research about the neighborhood

Before you buy any house, you must get all the relevant information about the area where you are going to live very soon.

  • Check the rate of square footage

Based on the available budget you must know about the footage rate so that in case you want to do any modification then it should be affordable for you.

  • Prefer not to do over modification

Choose your home size and plan which is comparable with your other neighbors. Prefer not to do too much modification.

  • Know about your floor plan

Besides looking at the floor plan you must also personally see the house how it really looks like so that you can get a clear picture of the house instead of seeing it in the computer.

  • Hire any lawyer

Contracts for home purchases usually are too complex and therefore hiring any legal person will be useful for you.

  • Enquire about warranty

Usually most builders offer warranty about their construction and hence it will be nice to enquire about the same.

  • Get your home inspected

It is always prudent to get your house fully inspected by any independent accessor who can give you complete report about the structural integrity.

  • Get offer from multiple lenders

Try to get offers from multiple lenders so that you can get certain discount.

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