Unlikely Places You Might Find Asbestos

Asbestos is such a dangerous material and one that we all know about in the UK as being primarily used within the construction and engineering industries. For many decades asbestos was used in all manner of construction work in the UK, before the health problems became apparent. Although the use of asbestos was banned in the UK in 1999 there are still countless examples of its presence in public and private buildings throughout the country.

It only takes one breath of asbestos fibres to cause long-term health problems. The problem is that asbestosis, mesothelioma, and other asbestos related illness can take many decades to manifest symptoms. By this time it is too late, making exposure to asbestos fatal in the vast majority of cases. In most cases where you read or hear about asbestos it has been discovered in buildings during a refurbishment or demolition project, but this isn’t always the case. You might be surprised to hear of some other places where asbestos can be found.

One surprising place where asbestos is found is within makeup. This is usually down to poor regulations in some countries around the world, and in particular in relation to talcum powder and its use within makeup production. Talc and asbestos naturally form together, so when talc is mined for commercial use there is the risk that it is contaminated with asbestos. In June of this year the US Food and Drug Administration recalled the Jojo Siwa Makeup Set that was being sold through Claire’s, for this very reason.

There is also a wide variety of home appliances that contain low levels of asbestos. You might not find too many of them these days, but anything built before the ban could contain it. This includes ironing board covers and stove mats to name just a couple.

Protective clothing has also been known to be a cause of asbestosis and other asbestos-related illnesses in recent years. This is due to many designs of protective clothing being designed with asbestos included, even in items such as dust masks and respirators. Another place where asbestos can be found is within certain car parts, where it was often used to prevent fires due to its heat resistance characteristics. This was mainly in high-friction car parts such as brake pads and transmission plates.

Wherever asbestos is present it is vital that there is a thorough and professional asbestos survey taken out. Licensed asbestos management companies should be consulted, as they are the only legal means with which to manage and contain asbestos, or deal with its safe removal from a property. Always be sure to find a professional asbestos survey company to help you should you find asbestos in a building you live in, work in, or you are responsible for the management for. Whether you discover it in a usual place, or in one of the more unusual places listed here, it is vital that you do not put yourself or others in danger of inhaling dangerous asbestos fibres.

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