What to Consider When Buying a Kegerator for Homebrewing

Creating beer from home allows you to experiment with flavours and ingredients until you find that perfect brew. Brewing from home gives you many options and it is one of the best ways to learn more about beer and brewing. Once you have perfected your trade or got to the point where you can make a decent brew, have you thought about how you would like to serve it? If you have decided to go for a kegerator, here are some factors to consider.

Space at Home

One of the most obvious things to consider when looking at kegerators in Brisbane is the size of the unit. Do you have space for a kegerator? Where are you going to put it when the unit arrives? It is fine wanting one, but where will it be stored?

A kegerator is slightly bigger than a keg as it has to hold the keg and offer a tap to extract the beer. Some kegerators offer multiple connections and maybe a bit bigger. You should also consider the draft tower as this will increase the height of the kegerator.

Commercial Units

Kegerators are a fairly new product and they have not been on the market for that long. There was once a time when the only option homebrewers had to drink draught beer was to create their own machines. Although this is still an option and something that many homebrewers do, there are lots of businesses that offer commercial kegerators for your home.

Your kegerator can be a freestanding unit or a customised one that fits a specific area. Both DIY and prefabricated kegerators have their advantages, it just depends on what suits your needs.

Bottle or Draught

If you prefer to drink your homebrew from the bottle, then a kegerator may not be for you. If you plan on entertaining and you want visitors to sample your brew, a lot of them will prefer to drink from the tap, so that take into consideration. Most beer drinkers like a bit of both, so it is nice to have a draught beer option.

There are plenty of factors to consider when buying a kegerator. If you are a seasoned homebrewer or you want to improve the bar at home, a kegerator is an excellent addition to your setup. They offer the drinker an ice-cold brew served from the tap as opposed to a bottle or can.

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