4 Unique Uses for Concrete in Your Home

Bringing your home to the next level of design can sometimes require a lot of creativity. One material that you may not have considered for the interior of your home is concrete. Although it’s typically used on sidewalks or patios, it can be a stunning addition to the right indoor space. Here are four cool ways to use it in your next redesign.

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The sealant on the surface of the concrete can wear away over time, and this will allow water to seep into the concrete and cause it to deteriorate. This is why it’s important to have stamped concrete.

1. Flooring

With traditional flooring choices, you’re limited to things like wood, tile or carpet. An epoxy concrete floor creates a smooth surface that really stands out. If you have a modern style, you can enhance it with the sleekness that this type of material provides. Because you’re going to be walking on it regularly, it is crucial to have it sealed properly to keep it looking beautiful.

2. Countertops

If you want to swap out those old laminate countertops, concrete can be a good choice. It’s not as expensive as stone options, such as granite or quartz, but it can have that same high-end look if done right.

Like your floors, make sure it receives the right finishing treatment. Without it, you may end up with stains and cracks. Maintaining a concrete countertop doesn’t have to be a hassle.

3. Sinks

Another place you can implement cement is in your kitchen sink. In fact, the practice of using the material in this way has become a popular trend among designers, and homeowners are jumping on board.

Though it may seem impractical because of its propensity for staining, many people don’t mind the aged look of patina in their sink. The material’s durability also helps it stand out against other types of sinks.

4. Walls

Concrete walls are no longer just for your basement or garage. They can be the perfect solution to divide a large space into smaller area. Even more, a cement wall can be a huge focal point when used in the right spot. Modern tools also make it possible to hang items on cement, so you don’t have to sacrifice any of your style. Those paintings and photographs you love some much can still have a place to go.

Though most people don’t immediately think of using concrete inside, it’s becoming more popular to do so. It creates a unique look and serves as a fabulous conversation starter for all of the guests that might stop by. Next time you’re unsure how to enhance one of these surfaces, consider concrete as a viable option.

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