Electric Garage Doors – What Makes Them So Much Better?

If you’re planning on installing a garage door, you’ve got two options. You either go for a manual product or you choose an automated door. Maybe you already know a lot about them, or perhaps you know very little, this article will show you some of the advantages of installing an electric garage door.

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There is no comparison when it comes to convenience, an automated door is far easier to operate, and you can stay in your car when opening and closing it. If you’ve been considering manual wooden garage doors, now is the time to change your mind. You won’t have to leave the kids or dog alone in your vehicle or jump out during harsh weather if you fit an electric door.

Home Protection

Automated garage doors aren’t just highly convenient, they also keep your home safe. Modern electric garage doors are robust and very difficult to tamper with. They improve safety around your home, and they protect your loved ones and your belongings.

Many electric doors have rolling codes, so the password changes every time you open the doors to enter your home.


Electric garage doors can be fitted with LCD lighting, illuminating your door and bringing the entire front portion of your property to life. They also help you to see the garage when it gets dark, during poor visibility and when bad weather hits.

Safety Features

Modern automated garage doors come equipped with many different types of safety features, some eliminate the chance of accidents occurring, while others are for security. Electric doors have a built-in sensor on both sides to stop the door closing on kids, pets or any other objects.

Remote Control

Lifting and pulling a manual door can be physically challenging, especially for some older adults and people with certain types of disabilities. Because an electric door is controlled by a remote in your car or on your key chain, you don’t have to do any heavy lifting. Most garage doors can now be controlled using a smartphone app, which is very convenient if you misplace the remote or forget your car keys.

Installing a modern electric door gives you peace of mind. When you use the right installation team, you can rest assured your new door will improve the visual appeal of your home, increase security and overall, just make your life more convenient. If you’ve anymore questions, contact a professional today.

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