Few Common Water Heater Leakage Issues That You Will Often Across

Problem with your water heater is the last thing you want in the winter season. However, often you may find water heater leaks and you are sitting in a big water puddle!

Such water heater leak can result in water leakage on your floor which is a nuisance. Sometimes, there can also be significant flooding, repairing which may create a hole in your pocket.

The water heater as such is an important device needed in our daily life. You will use it for washing clothes, taking shower, cleaning dishes and much more.

You will need to call the plumber to fix water heater leak to fix the problem and some of you who are knowledgeable about plumbing job can consider doing it yourself too.

Following are few reasons for such problem.

  • Valves and gaskets

You will find many pipes that is going in or out of the water heater. Number of seals and gaskets will ensure that the water may not leak out. Often those rubber gaskets or valves may break down or wear out.

This may allow water leaking out of the water heater. If you notice any water puddles underneath the water heater, try to fix it quickly or call any plumber from the local company immediately.

  • Water heater tank

Water tank may also start leaking over a period of time. One most common cause of tank leaks can be too much pressure.

Also, rust is another very common reason for leaking in water heater tank and often needs that you may replace the water heater.

  • The dip tubes

The dip tubes in the water heater may stretch from top of the tank down to bottom and will carry cold water to the base of your tank where it will be heated.

In case dip tube will come loose it means that the home does not get the amount of hot water that is needed.

Such leak is difficult to detect, as it is inside your tank itself. However, if you begin to notice that there is no sufficient amount of hot water like you used to get before, then it could also be an indication about the dip tube getting loose.

Often, a leak can also be an indication of a more serious problem with the water heater. So, even if you have successfully fixed the leak, it will be a good idea to be little alert and keep a close eye on the water heater for some time.

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