Here’s Why a Granny Flat Can Be the Perfect Solution for Ageing Relatives

With an ageing population that is growing all the time, a lot of people will need to make difficult decisions in the future about their loved one’s care. While you can look at options such as residential care, some people don’t like this idea, especially if your relative isn’t in need of full-time care just yet. That’s why options such as a granny flat are becoming more popular, and here’s why you may want to consider adding one to your property.

A granny flat promotes independence

Putting a relative into care means they are looked after 24/7, which a lot of older people don’t want.

A granny flat gives them independence because:

  • They can have their own kitchen, bedroom, living area and bathroom, so it feels like their own small home
  • The relative has their own entrance, so they can come and go as they please
  • They can still do the day to day things they love, from hobbies to shopping, without having to answer to anyone

While your relative gets a lot of independence, and their own home, they are also just metres from your home. This means if they feel lonely or have any problems, you are just steps away, giving everyone peace of mind.

Granny flats can be added to many different homes

Many people assume you need a huge parcel of land to build a granny flat, but the truth is, builders such as Central Coast Renovations and Extensions can work with all sizes and shapes of land to create a granny flat. Granny flats come in all shapes and sizes, from studio type properties to spacious homes, so there are lots of options.

Don’t have space for a separate property? An option such as an extension can also work. This can be self-contained with its own entrance, so it still feels like a separate house, even if it’s attached to yours.

You could save on care costs

While the cost of building this structure isn’t cheap, a granny flat is often much cheaper than care fees. If your relative doesn’t need full-time care or medical care, then paying for a care home may not make sense to you, so a granny flat might be a better option.

If you have a loved one who you want to move in with you, whether it’s a grandma, parent or even a grown child, granny flats can be an excellent way to promote independence while still ensuring your loved one is close to you.

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