How to Choose the Right Washer and Dryer?

Washer and dryer are the essential home appliances. Manually washing dirty laundry becomes a daunting task, especially when you experience clothes basket overflowing with dirty jeans, T-shirts, towels, socks, napkins, bedsheets, etc. Fortunately, the right kind of washer and dryer is a dear friend that helps to erase all the dirt and odor traces from the closes. It saves effort and time. Besides, you get fresh, clean, and dry clothes ready to fold and placed neatly in the drawers and closet.

When you are in the market to buy a new washer and dryer, there are several things to consider like –

Which type of washing machine to choose?

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Top loading

  • There is no need to bend for loading but tubs are deep, so reaching the bottom clothes post cycle is hard.
  • Due to its style clothes still hold some water, so long drying time is needed.
  • Washtub is available in materials like plastic, stainless steel or porcelain-enameled steel.


  • The front-loading washer style saves water.
  • Less back & forth agitation, so the chance for T-shirts to bang often reduces.
  • Washing time is longer, which frustrates users but today some manufacturers included accelerated wash cycle.
  • Care and maintenance are needed to keep door seals and drum odor and mildew free.


  • The dryer gets mounted on the front door washers, thus saving floor space.
  • Stackable units have a small capacity, so for a family with light laundry can choose it.
  • You need to be tall to reach the last napkin from the dryer as the unit is elevated.

All in one

  • It is a blend of washer and dryer.
  • Front-loading washer, where all tasks [washing & drying] gets completed.
  • After the wash cycle, the machine is set to switch automatically to dryer mode.

What to consider in a washer?

  • Capacity needs to match average clothes load because under-filling means water and energy waste while overfilling will not clean clothes as expected.
  • The agitator helps to lessen dirt and clean the clothes. In a front loader, low profile agitators are great for garment longevity but cycles are lengthy. In top loader, tall agitators shorten clothes longevity and washing bulky items [comforter] becomes hard.
  • Basic cycles handle daily laundry but some models include specialized cycles to handle delicate clothes or comforters or sanitizing cycles.
  • Drum material like stainless steel is much preferred.

What to consider in a dryer?

  • Electricity or gas – Electric-operated dryer means to plug in and start washing.
  • Capacity – Dryer has to be twice the cubic capacity of the washer.

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