Porch Or Deck: What’s Ideal For Your Log Cabin? Find Here!

Log cabins are functional, beautiful homes, often built at picturesque locations. If you are designing your own home, it is a good idea to consider additional outdoor space, so that you can enjoy the weather and sun better. There are two obvious choices – porch and deck. While both may serve the same function, a porch does come with a structural cover, while decks are open and designed to get the best of sun. Do not confuse porches and decks with patios. Patios are not raised from ground like the other two and can be either open or covered. There are plenty of log cabin porch and deck designs that you can check, but before you take the call, here’s more on the pros and cons of both.

Deck pros and cons

Decks are ideal for homeowners who like the sun or would want to have a nice tub outside. Decks can be made from two or more materials, and with no cover, this is also a cheaper option compared to porches. Decks are ideally great for homes that get good natural light.

On the flip side, exposure to weather and its varied elements can be a concern, because desks are more prone to damage and abuse. You may have to spend considerably more on maintenance, and there is always a risk of pest infestation.

Porch pros and cons

Probably the biggest advantage of a porch is low maintenance. Since porches are covered, weather elements, especially the sun and rain, don’t cause as much damage. Also, the area can be used as an additional living room, even when the weather is not at its best. Porches too can be designed from varied materials.

On the other side, porches can be expensive, especially if you want to extend it as a living area or want a big space. You cannot include things like a fire pit, which is possible with a deck.

Final word

As you may have guessed by now, the choice is more of a personal one. With both, you get open outdoor space with good views. Some people just like a deck better, while others agree that a porch is much more versatile, especially for a log cabin. If you are not sure of what may work best for your home, consider consulting the log cabin kit provider for ideas, and they can suggest the ideal options, based on the space available, your objectives and budget.

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