Some Tips To Protect You and Your Family From Intruders.

You have probably heard the many stories from your parents and grandparents about how the used to be able to leave the key in the door of the house or business and go off for an hour and know that no one would come inside because that wasn’t the right thing to do. That thinking has long since gone and now you can’t give an opportunity to thieves at all because if you give them an inch then they will take a mile. We install alarm systems and security cameras all around our homes and it is an unfortunate consequence of living in current times.

If you have been looking into ways to provide your family with even more security, then it might be an idea to look at some security screens in Bunbury. The key to protecting your home from thieves and burglars is to make it less attractive to them and so if they see that your home has security screens installed throughout the building then they will move on to easier pickings. The following are just some other ways that you can keep you and your family safe when inside your property.

  • Join the neighborhood watch – Those nosy neighbours that you have never liked the very people who will spot strangers are around your home and call the police for you. You should always try to be sociable with your neighbours and at least get to know the ones that live to the left of you, the ride of you and directly across the road. It doesn’t hurt to ask them to keep an eye on your property when you’re going away for an extended weekend with the family.
  • Get into good habits – You may think that it is overkill but if you get into the habit of getting your family to always lock the windows and doors when everyone leaves the property, then it starts to become second nature to you and you just do it automatically. Any opportunist thief when seen a window slightly ajar will see this as an invitation to come into your property. Drum it into the kids that if someone comes in the house, there are going to take their game console and this will get them interested in making sure the doors and windows are locked at all times.

These are just two ways to properly secure your property and if you take a moment to think, you’re probably going to be able to come up with others.

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