The Cost of Triple Glazed Units

While many people opt for double glazed sealed units, there is also the option of triple glazed sealed units. Unfortunately, the triple glazed sealing units are more costly because there is an additional chamber for argon gas, extra spacer bars, another pane of toughened glass, and further transport costs due to size and weight. In comparison to double glazed units, the triple glazed option works out costing approximately £100 per square metre.

How Much Does a Triple Glazed Window Cost?

While the types of windows available are vast with numerous material choices and systems, such as wooden windows or remaining with the traditional white uPVC window system can be useful. Some openings in the double-glazed alternative, the VAT on an installation (approximately £465) makes the quote of triple glazed seals a lesser amount than considered. (QUERY? Sentence structure. Unsure of meaning.) As of July 2019, a triple glazed window would cost approximately £565 which is 22 per cent more than the double glazing.

Is There Heat Loss Via Windows with Triple Glazing?

In the United Kingdom, properties lose an average of 20 per cent heating through the windows. If you are planning on changing your windows, it is recommended you use the glass with the highest level of insulation. However, if opting for high-level insulation, it is important to take certain factors into account. For instance, triple glazed windows result in a lesser heating bill but higher installation costs. It may be seen as a long-term investment, but the payback will not happen overnight. According to one customer, people want to live as comfortably as possible, so triple glazing is ideal in a property. Of course, the final decision is based on your preference.

What are the Advantages of Triple Glazing?

There are several advantages to using triple glazed windows in a home. The heat insulation is one of the most common benefits, but this is not all triple glazing offers. To gain maximum benefits from triple-glazed systems, the gaps between glass planes should measure 16mm and filled with argon or another inert gas. Argon gas is preferable as it reduces any heat lost through windowpanes. If the gap is smaller than the preferred size, it can reduce the thermal performance of the glass; however, this is not the case when using expensive gasses like krypton.

Ideally, the size of a triple glazed sealing unit should be 16mm gaps and 4mm glass. The glazing industry refers to this sizing as 4/16/4/16/4 equalling 44mm in totality. When comparing the heat losses or u-values of the glass in a triple glazed window to a double-glazed window, the comparison will be large. Typically, a centre pane heat loss in a triple glazed unit is 0.62; however, the double-glazed option is 1.1 making the former a 40 per cent improvement.

What is the Triple Glazed Unit’s Energy Rating?

A person can choose windows based on the number of glass panes, but you should always review the Window Energy Rating or WER beforehand. This checking of the WER is a reliable method of predicting the window’s thermal efficiency after installation. WER is the standard method in the United Kingdom for calculating the amount of heat lost through windows.

What Does the WER Include?

1. Air Loss Through Windows

The u-value calculates the thermal efficiency of the window in its entirety, including both the frame material and glass. The level of natural sunlight and its heat passes through the glass to heat a room. In the majority of cases, triple glazed windows do not enhance solar heating as compared to double glazed windows. This means that triple glazed windows offer heat retention but no allowance of solar gain.

2. Cost Summary of Triple Glazing

Needless to say, triple glazing is more expensive than double glazed windows. Using the above calculations, one can say the cost is at least 22 per cent more. However, these are only KJM’s costs, and both double and triple glazed windows would be cheaper using a regional company. Some larger glazing companies may offer ‘free upgrades’ for triple glazing installations; however, this does not indicate the starting point for standard glazing products. If you double the basic glazing price, then a 50 per cent discount reduces the cost to a reasonable amount. Using this information, it is always better to gather several quotes before committing.

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