The ideal thing to have for a spring clean or house clearance.

We accumulate many things over the years and many of us find it quite difficult to let go of them. We seem to have an emotional attachment to things that we no longer use and the attic or the garage is full of things that you would never buy again and yet you still hold onto them. Maybe it’s time you had an essential spring clean or house clearance but where are you going to put all of this unwanted stuff.

This is where a 2 yard skip in Lewisham becomes incredibly useful because it is not so big that it takes up a lot of space around your house but it is big enough to store all of your unwanted things in it. There are so many benefits for having a skip when it comes to getting rid of unwanted things and the following are some of the skips that you can rent for the day or longer.

  • The mini skip – The clue is in the name and this is ideal for people who have limited space in which to put a skip that they want to be close to the property so they can easily load it up. It is dropped off whenever you need it and it is picked up again whenever it is full.
  • The walk-in skip – This is the perfect option when you have much larger items like furniture that you want to discard. It’s not so easy to lift these large items up to throw them into the skip and so a walk-in skip addresses this problem very easily.

These are only two of the many skips that are currently available and there are many more. Talk to your local skip provider and they will give you an idea of the kind of skip that you need for your particular job.

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