Building a Garage: What are your Options?

Are you planning to build a garage? If so, it is important to know your options out there. Fortunately, there are many kinds of garages you can build. Thus, before starting construction, learn more about these kinds of structures and how to decide on the type of garage to build. Below are some of your options:

Building a Stick Built Garage

A stick built garage is a conventional kind of garage that the majority of people will think of when they explore options. This garage is made in a way that is similar to constructing a home. This involves pouring a foundation and building a frame. A stick built garage can be very appealing and sturdy; however, their size can have some limitations. Additionally, they tend to be the most expensive type of garage.

If you are looking to build a stick built garage with the help of a reputable garage builder like, ensure you decide on your required size and the location. In terms of your home’s resale value, try to build a garage that can accommodate at least two cars. Certainly, if you have enough space, you can decide to go larger.

Moreover, you must decide whether or not to construct an attached garage. Although there is convenience in an attached garage since you don’t need to go outside to get into the space, it can make your home insurance more costly. The reason is that an accidental fire is more likely to take place in this kind of garage than a detached garage. If you want a separate garage, make sure to check with your city or country building codes to know how far away your garage must be built from your home.

Constructing a Carport

If you are building a garage to have a place to store your vehicle and keep it out of the elements of nature, you might be good constructing a carport. A car part is a less expensive option than other types of garages as long as it is integrated into the house correctly. Also, it can be quite attractive.

Choosing a Pole Barn

If you want to build a big garage and you wish to save money in the process, think about constructing a pole barn. While a number of people don’t think a pole barn is as attractive as a stick built garage, it can be very attractive. Moreover, although a porn barn is made out of metal, it can be made to look otherwise.

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