Five Common Kinds of Bed Pillows: Which One Suits You?

If you are in the market to buy new pillows, you should know that there is no one pillow that is best for everyone. However, you have many options to choose from in terms of the style and fill of pillows. You will enjoy a great sleep when you invest in pillows which keep your head properly aligned with the spin without putting pressure on your upper body or shoulders. If you are planning to purchase a new bed pillow, below are some of your options:

Memory Foam

These pillows tend to mold themselves to head contours to provide the ultimate support. They are perfect for people who have neck pain, body aches, upper body stiffness, or shoulder issues. Memory foam pillows are hypoallergenic and provide great support and cushioning for bad and side sleepers.


Natural latex is made from the rubber tree and is antimicrobial. Pillows with a latex fill have a firm but cushiony support. The latex is molded but bouncy so it doesn’t make the head sink. What most people like about Latex pillows is that they are quite supportive and hold the loft without squishing or flattening around the face. Visit luxtex for quality options.

Goose Down

This type of pillows is a great treat for people who want a moldable, lightweight pillow which adjusts to any sleeping position. Also, these pillows are warm but not hot and they do not produce the rustling sound produced in feather pillows. You may need a goose down pillow if tend to sleep on your stomach or prefer less loft and firmness in the pillow.


Polyester is the most common synthetic fill for pillows. Although they are cuddly and soft, they do not provide excessive support. They are affordable and machine-washable which makes them a good choice for kids or teenagers.

Polyester pillows are quite comfortable when used as a backrest while reading in bed. They have moderate support so they are great for back sleepers.

Buckwheat Hulls

These pillows feel like a beanbag. They can be adjusted to any firmness or loft which makes them perfect for any sleeping position. They provide firm support and are great for those who have shoulder, neck, or upper back pain. These pillows are quite adjustable since they can be smoothed or fluffed to your preference. In fact, you can even remove or add hulls to adjust the firmness or loft further. These pillows do not rise up around your face the way down pillows usually do.

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