What are the Advantages of Outdoor Misting System?

When you are concerned about energy consumption, water consumption, and climate change, many people seek better and efficient methods of cooling down in the summertime. This can be accomplished by outdoor misting or fogging solutions. You may have witnessed one in amusement parks in the warmer climates, or maybe in parks, open air shopping malls etc. Restaurants and lounges equipped in patio seating usually use overhead misters that can easily be hidden amidst plants or structural elements. This misting system is what homeowners seek when preferring to install one on their patio or deck or in a greenhouse. When it comes to installing a misting system, know that it is not a complicated process and if you are a DIY kind of person, this can easily be accomplished in a weekend. However, it does need ample amount of planning to make sure you are maximizing the efficient nature of your system and making the most of the cooling effects.

How does the evaporative cooling work?

When the water molecules evaporate in the air, the water transforms from liquid to gas. You need a certain energy or heat to aid this process of transforming water from a liquid to a gas which is drawn from the air in the surroundings, hence, evaporation brings down the ambient temperature in the misted area. Similarly, it happens in your body when it cools itself off. You sweat, the sweat evaporates, and then the body cools down. When the misting system is installed properly, then these systems can plummet the temperature to 30 degrees F on the basis of efficiency of the misting system, relative humidity and external temperature.

Advantages of misting system

  • It uses less energy than a typical air conditioner to cool the surroundings down.

  • As aforementioned, when your system is totally planned, know that misters are easily installable and functional. If you are into DIY, you may not need a kit to set up your mister and usually the system can operate right from the hose and on the other side of the area. This is perfect for those who aim to use the mister 3 to 4 months in a year as you don’t have to invest in a costly pump. You can winterize your misting system if needed which is similar to drip irrigation as the actual water lines are usually made from poly tubing or PVC. Often, depending on the kinds and placement of the plants, your system can act as twofold as a watering system that helps in keeping your plants green throughout. The biggest benefit of any misting system is that it lets you enjoy the outdoor space no matter how hot it is.

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