Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs: Top Tips For Homeowners!

Bed bugs are often tough to spot, because these insects are most active at night, typically after midnight. Good news is bed bugs aren’t as innocuous as other pests, especially roaches and mosquitos, but that doesn’t mean you should let the problem persist. Bed bugs can damage furniture, and bites can cause skin reaction. If you have older parents, pets or kids at home, you must be more cautious. When it comes to getting rid of bed bugs, simply using a spray or regular DIY insecticide is just not enough. You need a professional company, such as for the job. In this post, we are discussing further on treatments, hiring a bedbug exterminator and other relevant aspects.

Avoid those insecticides

Many pest control companies do rely on chemicals, pesticides and insecticides for getting rid of pests, and while that might be a necessity for certain pests, you don’t need the option for bed bugs in particular. Bed bugs die easily when exposed to heat, which is why heat treatment is considered to be the best alternative. In case of heat treatment, the house, or a part of it, would be heated up using special equipment, which will kill the bugs, nymphs and eggs instantly. The prime reason why insecticides and chemicals are not recommended is toxicity. These chemicals can be dangerous for humans and animals alike, and most are not safe for the environment.

How to hire a pest control service?

Not all pest control companies specialize in removing bed bugs, so do your homework first. It is strongly recommended that you select a service that’s licensed, insured and has enough experience. Check if the company has an in-house team of professionals, because that does make a difference to the service. Ensure that the company has general liability insurance, and the workers are insured too.

Cost of bedbug extermination

When it comes to bedbug extermination, the cost depends on the technique and overall credibility, experience of the pest control company. Not to forget, the extent of infestation also matters. You can always ask them for an inspection and estimate, which doesn’t have to cost a fortune (quotes are always free).

We would recommend that you don’t select a company based on the price alone. Many services offer a warranty on the job, which is handy because you won’t be paying for the same task again, at least in near future.

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